Online Casino Gambling

Casino gambling found its way to the Internet in 1996 and is still a very popular form of interactive gambling. Virtually every game you find on a casino floor is also found online and that’s been the case for years. Further, the regulatory approval process for online casino games is often looser and quicker, so many online casinos can offer unique new games. (Although, before you jump all over these games, do keep in mind that most of them don’t offer very good odds.)

For the player, the main discernable difference between online and bricks-and-mortar casinos is convenience. All “tables” and “machines” at online casinos are accessible with the click of the mouse, and you can exit one casino and enter the next without leaving your chair.

The main fundamental difference between online and offline casinos is that games decided by the turning of cards, the spinning of wheels and the rolling of dice at bricks-and-mortar casinos are determined at Internet casinos by software that simulates these activities. The one exception is the live gaming format in which the personal computer serves as an interface between the remote gambler and a live dealer. This is more or less “proxy” gambling via the Internet (which can be a very entertaining experience).

Internet casino operators deliver their products using two general types of software: games that reside primarily on the server (the Web site host’s computer) and games that reside primarily on the client’s computer (the computer of the gambler).

-Server Games

Server games are played in your Web browser. You register and fund your account using the casino’s Web site and enter the games without ever leaving the browser. The most common platforms use Java and Flash technology.

The Advantages – You can play immediately, you don’t have to install software onto your machine, and you can play from any computer with capable Internet browsing software.

The Disadvantages – Game play is often a little slower, the graphics, sounds, and animations are often inferior to those of client games, and you have to go through the casino’s Web site every time you want to play.

-Client Games

Client games are generated by unique software applications. The player downloads these free-standing programs from the casino’s Web site and then installs it onto his computer. To enter the casino, the player launches the software by clicking an icon, rather than bringing up the games in a browser through the casino’s Web site.

The Advantages – The graphics, animations, and sounds are much more robust, and the game play is much quicker. Plus, you can launch the casino application from your desktop without having to go through your Web browser.

The Disadvantages – Forget about instant gratification. You have to go through the download and installation process prior to beginning play. You often have to download upgrades periodically as well. Further, the software takes up space on your hard drive and you can only play on computers on which the software has been installed.